Are your patient safety checks really being done?

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Observation Compliance Safety

A proven compliance technology that validates that your patients are being checked. Easy-to-use observation system that immediately improves patient safety. Helps staff efficiently manage their required around-the-clock patient checks. Our validated compliance tool helps hospitals reduce risk, errors and costs.

InvisAlert Bracelet
ObservSmart wristbands with patient check screens on desktop and tablet

Patient Safety Checks

Validated Compliance

We ensure observation compliance and mitigate the severe risks and costs associated with missed and falsified observations. Proven, validated compliance of greater than 99%

Built-In Alerts

Proactive notifications for supervisory staff. Correct the problem real-time

Accommodates Your Workflow

Designed by and for behavioral health staff. Our solution supports the most complex workflows and improves communication among staff

Easy Access Reporting and Analytics

A suite of powerful reporting and analytics capabilities that help support the needs of the clinical, business, risk and quality teams

Improve Your Patient Safety

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