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Emergency Departments are facing an unprecedented challenge:

Psychiatric Admissions are at an all-time high

1 in 5 Americans suffer from a mental illness

1 in 8 emergency department visits by US adults involve mental illness and substance use disorders

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death between ages 10-34

ObservSMART 1:1 Empowers Staff to Care for These Patients

  • Validated observation compliance
  • Continuous monitoring of high-risk patients
  • Prioritizes safety, continuity, and quality care
  • Greatly reduces risks related to self-harm, suicide, and elopement
  • Q15 checks or randomized intervals
  • Keeps observers engaged with the patient
  • Supervisory and observer alerts
    • Falling asleep
    • Missed observations
    • Out of proximity range
Minder with Patient Illustration

Tamper-resistant Bluetooth Patient Wristbands

Lightweight and comfortable patient wristbands that were designed for non-compliant patients. The Bluetooth beacons are reusable and easy to clean. There is no need to access the patient’s wrist, the beacon syncs with the sitters armband to maintain
proximity and to make the required patient checks.

Wristband Illustration

Sitter Armband Device Ensures That Proximity is Maintained, and Patient Checks are Completed

Sitters armband syncs with the patient’s wristband to ensure 1:1 observation proximity. Supervisory alerts, if proper 1:1 proximity is no longer in effect. Patient checks can be completed on the armband device with customizable time interval checks or randomize checks to help keep the sitter engaged. Real-time Supervisory alerts, if patient checks are missed. The sitter hears a gentle bird chirp, if they are falling asleep, if there is no response to chirping and the sitter has fallen asleep, there are alerts for immediate intervention.

Armband Illustration

ObservSMART 1:1 proximity-based technology makes validated compliance simple

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